Donating Dog Beds for Helping Dog Shelters

Animal Shelters Need Your Help - Here's How

Help Local Pet Shelters 
Donations are scarce for any nonprofit agency in the midst of this recession, so consider giving what you can to your neighborhoodl animal shelter to show your appreciation. Whether as a thank you to the shelter where you found your own dog gieor just as a kind gesture to the canines in your community, your thoughtfulness and generosity will be appreciated.

Aid a Nearby Animal Shelter 3 Ways

  • Check out the website of your local shelter to see if they have a wish list. Shelters often have specific needs – like these from the Sequoia Canine Society in California and the Women's Humane Society in Pennsylvania – so browse their list to see if there is anything you can bring in. Some items are small or simple, such as yogurt or puppy treats.
  • Have a little extra time but no extra cash? Offer to volunteer your time and energy at the shelter. But don't think you'll just be scooping poop – shelters often need someone to walk and play with the pups (oh rats, right?). They can also use volunteers during fundraising events, too.
  • Can't spare the time? Cash donations are always welcome. Most no-kill shelters receive no funding from the government or The Humane Society of America, so a little cash can go a long way for your local animal shelter

Need a few ideas on what to give? Consider some of the items available from Doggie Diva, such as the Montana Nap dog mat that can provide shelter pups a cozy spot to sleep. For toys, one of our doggie toys or a warm & cozy dog sweater will be perfect.
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