8 Fun Facts about Man's Best Friend

8 Fun Facts about Man's Best Friend

At Doggie Diva, as a dog boutique, we cater to the needs of pooches. These members of the family deserve the best. But what else can we learn about our four-legged friends? Here are 8 fun facts about man’s best friend and what things you can expect when you open your heart to them:

1) A Dog’s Nose print is Unique

Just like human fingerprints, a dog’s nose is equally as unique. No two dogs have the same nose even if they were in the same litter.

2) Dogs Curl Up to Protect Their Organs

Often, when dogs are attempting to lie down for the night, they will circle before curling up into a ball. This is a habit from when they were wild animals and curls up to protect themselves from potential predators.

3) Dogs are NOT Colorblind

It is a common myth that dogs only see in black and white. Dogs can distinguish the difference between shades.

4) All Puppies are Born Deaf

These small nuggets of adorableness can make even the sternest of people squeal in delight, but don’t worry. The high volume won’t hurt the puppy’s ears as they are still developing their hearing.

5) A Long Face Could Mean a Long Life

Smaller dog breeds tend to have shorter life spans while bigger dogs have longer lifespans. Some veterinarians believe that the length of the face, from ear to snout, correlates with this.

6) Dogs Have Night Vision

Again, another myth about dogs is that they cannot see in the dark, but they have excellent night vision to help them navigate at night.

7) Yawning is Contagious for Dogs

When we see someone yawn, there is a compulsion that tries to get us to do the same thing in response. For humans, we can sometimes fight this urge but dogs find it nearly impossible to not do the same.

8) Blood Pressure can Lower in Humans and Dogs with a Simple Pet

Taking the time to pet your dog can help to lower your blood pressure, but it also has a calming effect on the dog as well. Both will find it to ease tension and help them relax.

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