4 Creative Words to Spell Out When Buying Customized Dog Collars for Your Pet

4 Creative Words to Spell Out When Buying Customized Dog Collars for Your Pet

4 Interesting Words to Spell Out When Buying Personalized Rhinestone Dog Collars

Pimping out your doggie's collar is a time-honored tradition (OK, maybe only for the last few decades) and personalized pet collars are a favorite among canine lovers of all types. Of course, you can spell out your pooch's name on them, but why not be a little more creative?
If you already have your pooch micro-chipped with a custom tag that has your contact information, you are free to spell out anything you like on the collar. But what to put on your custom dog collar? We've got a few suggestions, but feel free to add your suggestions.
  • A descriptive nickname: Your pup of course has a proper name, just like anybody else. However, what do you normally call him? Whether it's a cute name like Fluffy or a more telling name like Trouble, you should be able to find a perfect descriptor of your furry friend. Just try not to make it too long or it may not fit on the collar! 

  • Last name: Aside from showing a little family pride, this will also help your puppy in times of trouble, so someone who finds your four legged pal knows that he is owned and who he should be brought back to this is especially helpful if the  tag gets ripped off or lost.
  • Favorite sports team: While you can buy NFL or NCAA doggie collars, they won't have quite the same bling or colorful look that customized pet collars with rhinestone letters will provide. Due to limited space, stick to the name of the mascot or an abbreviation of it.
  • All charms: You don't have to spell anything out on the customizable pet collar; instead you can use the symbols to say it for you. Is your dog a princess? A rhinestone encrusted crown charm surrounded by heart charms will show your canine's royal tendencies.
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